About Us

Experience the magic of world’s first 3D candy printer

We love innovation

3D candy printing meets innovative ideas and passion for nature. That is what Dreamcandy all is about.

Our magicians have created some lovely 3D candy prints  especially for you. Discover them in our shop.

We want to bring your creativity to a next level. Everything that you are dreaming about,  you can create by yourself. The funny thing of this part is that you can eat your imaginations as well.

Start creating your own 3D candy print and your imagination will come to live. Our magicians are waiting for you.

Selected from nature

Our magicians selected especially for you natural ingredients to create your 3D candy magic.

Free time-lapse

We know how important it is to bring a little magic to your home. With every customized order you will receive a free time-lapse of your 3D candy print.

Free shipping on orders from

Belgium 50 euros
Netherlands 70 euros
Germany 70 euros
France 70 euros
United States 300 euros
United Arab Emirates 300 euros
Others 300 euros

World's first 3D candy printer

Are you an innovator? You should try our 3D candy. You will have a little magic and innovation

Are you impressed by our magic?

Frequently asked questions

Can’t you find the right answer for your question?

As mentioned we love nature. Our candy is fully based on natural ingredients, gluten-free, GGO free, dairy free, Hallal – friendly, Kosher and vegan.

We spread the magic in Belgium, Netherlands, France, Germany, U.S. and U.A.E. If your country is not mentioned in the list above. Please contact our magicians.

Our magicians have created a special and unique package to store the magic safely. There are some photos on our website. Who seeks who finds.

The 3D candy print can be consumed best before one year after production date.